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Welcome to Aeon Designer Radiators. We are the only dedicated, officially accredited, Aeon Radiator online shop.

Lowest UK prices for Aeon Designer radiators - Guaranteed - Free delivery on All radiators

We guarantee to price match any other on-line price plus an extra £40.00 off. Call us for details 01663 743656 

The UKs largest Radiator Specialist Showroom.The UKs largest display of Aeon Radiators, 35+ Aeon radiators on display which because of our commitment to the Aeon brand enables us to have greater buying terms than internet only companies. We pass all the extra savings to our customers.

Supplying high quality stainless steel Aeon Designer Radiators that each have a 20 year manufacturers' guarantee. Our website uses the latest secure systems that use 256 bit encryption to safeguard all transactions.

Aeon Designer Radiators - Aeon Official Accredited Online Shop


Aeon radiators

Aeon radiators are without a doubt the stainless steel leaders of the designer radiator world. Known for their attention to detail right through the production process - starting at designing unique, captivating radiators, and then moving through to high quality, skilled manufacture of these timeless classics.

Aeon stainless steel radiators offer a 20yr guarantee on every radiator this means when you buy an Aeon radiator, you do so safe in the knowledge that you are investing in a quality radiator which will be with you in years to come.

Most of the Aeon radiator range is available in two finishes, brushed effect stainless steel and a polished stainless steel. Whilst polished comes at a slightly higher price due to the craftmanship required to polish it, it leaves the radiators with a fantastic mirror like finish (very similar to what you expect from a chrome radiator, however far, far more hard wearing). One exception to this is the stunning Aeon twister which features a "bi-finish" which really shows off the two finishes. One side of the twister is brushed stainless steel whereas the other side is highly polished, the bars of the radiator are then twist to give a fantastic appearance which shows off both the matt the polished surfaces to great affect.

Finally, if there is one radiator from the Aeon radiator collection which deserves a mention it is the Spiera. This breath taking, free standing radiator boasts a heat output of over 20,000 BTU (thats some serious heat from a designer radiator) and a double helix design, much like the structure of DNA. In addition to this, the radiator, which stands 2.5m tall features blue LEDS which light the double helix up with a fantastic blue hue. This is the radiator we like to call the Rolls Royce of the radiator world.

Terms: All purchased radiators must be opened within 72h and inspected for damage or any problems immediately. Any such problems need to be reported to us within 72h. We do our best to ensure the accuracy of this website but prices are subject to manufacturer changes at any time. All delivery dates/times provided by A1 Radiators are estimates and subject to change. A1 Radiators will not be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of delayed deliveries, this includes but is not limited to: tradesman costs, loss of earnings through time off work, damage caused by radiators, etc.